Money is a deciding factor in the lives of many people, and it helps to know you can hire a personal injury attorney without paying a fee for the initial visit. When you’re injured in a car accident or other accident, it’s natural to want to speak with someone about your injuries. You want to know if you should sue, if you should settle, or if you should accept the payout the insurance company offered when it’s offered. While some people want to call an attorney right away, others don’t really think about it for a while after their accident. There are several reasons you might want to call and speak with a personal injury attorney long before you decide you have a case, and it might help you make more reasonable, more educated decisions in the present.

The Cost

The initial cost is nothing. You can call a personal injury attorney following an accident without paying a fee. Personal injury attorneys know they are here to help you, which is why we don’t charge our clients anything upfront. If you want to discuss your case, it’s because you don’t know if you have one. You aren’t sure what the laws are, what they mean for you, and how you proceed. You’re confused, you’re injured, and you’re not in the best place. We want to help you in this situation, and offering you a free consultation is the first thing we know we can do for you.

The Initial Consultation

When you call our offices to meet with us about a personal injury case, we charge you nothing for the first meeting. Our attorneys listen to you, and we provide our input on your potential case. All we ask of you is you bring everything pertaining to your accident to the meeting. We need to see the evidence, the accident report, your medical records, and anything else you have that shows us what happened and tells a bigger story than the one you’re telling. The best way for us to help you is to have all the facts, and all the information that comes from your accident.

We will look at the information, talk to you, and decide what we can do to help you. This is when we lay out our side of things for you to see, and we help you make a decision. You are certainly not required to hire us once we tell you what we think might happen, and we can’t promise you we can tell you that there is a case for you. If you have a case and you decide you want to proceed, we will do everything we can to help you.

How We Charge

Once we decide there is a case and you make the decision to pursue legal action against the person who caused your injuries, we discuss the cost of our services to you. We know personal injury cases cause a lot of financial strain to clients long before you add legal fees to the situation, so we don’t charge you anything until we win your case. Once we win your case and your money is awarded to you, we charge you the fee we discuss upfront.

Why You Need Representation

You might need representation, and you might not need it. You simply don’t know what you need until you’ve had an opportunity to discuss your case with an attorney. This is why we don’t charge you upfront. Not everyone requires the help of an attorney because your case is not one you can win, or it’s not one with serious consequences.

There are certain circumstances in which you might want to pursue a case against the person who caused your accident, and it has to do with the severity of your injuries. Minor injuries, minor damage, and not much else is not really a cause for a lawsuit. If your injuries are severe, you might want to consider a lawsuit.

Insurance companies are not required by law to cover the cost of all your injuries if they exceed a certain dollar amount. It depends on where you live, what kind of policy you or the at-fault driver has, and a few other factors. The general rule is that insurance companies can deny paying any additional claims after they reach a specific dollar amount. If your accident was severe and your injuries are life-changing, catastrophic, and on-going, they’ll become very expensive no matter how good your own insurance is.

This means you might spend the rest of your life paying medical bills, requiring medical assistance, you might need expensive medical equipment, and you might lose your job. You might not be able to return to work right away, or you might not be able to return to work at all. When this happens, your entire life changes. The insurance company will likely offer you a settlement, but it won’t cover the cost of all your medical bills now or in the future.

Let us help you decide what to do following a personal injury. You have the right to seek compensation and damages if someone else causes an accident that changes the course of your future, and our initial meeting is no cost to you. It doesn’t hurt to find out what options you have, what rights you’re entitled to, and how we can help.

Marc Albert

Marc Albert

Over the course of his 25-year career, Marc has not only put together an impressive list of seven-figure recoveries for his clients but also has been recognized on countless occasions for his work on groundbreaking cases involving important issues of personal injury and medical malpractice law.

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