Vehicle accidents are difficult whether they’re minor or they’re serious. You’re confused, upset, stressed over the entire situation, and you have no idea what to do when you’re involved in an accident. You probably think you know until you find yourself in a situation like this, and then you realize you’re not entirely certain what you should do. A personal injury attorney is a great resource for anyone who is involved in a car accident, and you can call one without paying a fee to consult. Accidents are difficult because they’re not on your schedule.

You didn’t wake up planning on being involved in an accident, you certainly didn’t read up on it before it happened, and you didn’t put it on your list of things to do, and that is why it’s so confusing. One of the most common aspects of many accidents is injury. Many people who are hit by another car don’t even realize they’re injured until well after the accident occurs. There are many reasons for this. One of those is shock. You are hit, you didn’t expect it, and your body is in shock. You’re just trying to process what happened.

The police are called. The ambulance arrives, your car needs repairs, your job needs to be called so they know why you aren’t there. You must notify your family, make arrangements for the kids if you were headed to pick them up or take them somewhere, and you need a ride home. You need a rental car. You need to call insurance. You need to figure out how to pay for the damage, and you need to figure out if the other driver was really at fault, and you must know whether they have insurance. It’s a lot to process, and it’s not uncommon for you to feel the shock.

See A Doctor

Many people don’t know they’re injured, and many people simply aren’t injured. It’s not something you’ll know until you see a doctor. The good news about accidents is an emergency vehicle always shows up on the scene just in case. Your best bet is to seek attention from them when you are still there. The medics on the scene can tell you whether you have any injuries, and they can treat any minor injuries you might have.

Even if you don’t feel you’ve been injured, get checked out. There are so many things that might occur during an accident. You’re being hit by a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds while sitting inside one of your own, and a lot of damage can occur that doesn’t result in an obviously broken bone or a lot of blood. Internal injuries are common, and many become far worse before you realize it if you don’t get checked out. Internal bleeding, swelling, and other injuries can result in lifelong health issues if they’re not treated right away. Some might kill you.

Forgoing Medical Treatment

You aren’t injured, and you just know it. You decide to tell the medics on the scene you don’t need to see them, and you don’t call the doctor. You wake up tomorrow sore and a little upset, but you’re fine. When a few days pass and you still don’t feel much better, you begin to wonder if you might be injured. Perhaps you are seeing double, your head won’t stop aching, and you just don’t feel right. Don’t assume you’re stressed or not feeling well. See a doctor.

– Concussions
– Whiplash
– Back injuries
– Internal injuries

These are just a few of the most common injuries associated with car accidents you cannot see. You don’t know if you have them until it’s too late unless you’re checked out right away. If you decided to forgo medical treatment but you feel you might be injured after all, go see your doctor right away. Don’t put it off.

Serious Injuries

If you are injured seriously and don’t know it right away, you could put yourself at risk. You can also put your financial life at risk. If an insurance company calls you with a settlement offer right away, you might take it assuming there is nothing wrong with you only to find out later you have serious injuries in need of surgery, time off work, and a long recovery. Perhaps a serious injury went ignored long enough it’s even more serious and causes lifelong health problems. You simply don’t know what might happen, but you need to know if you plan on filing a lawsuit.

A personal injury attorney is happy to discuss your case with you, but it’s best to see a doctor first. Your doctor might tell you that your injuries could have been prevented if you’d been at the doctor right away following your accident, but you always need your medical information to file a lawsuit if you do suffer injuries.

Other insurance companies might try to fight injuries that aren’t documented and treated right away. They might try and claim something happened to you between the accident and your actual appointment with the doctor, and you’re just looking for a reason to sue. You want to know your case is solid and can stand on its own, which is the second reason you must see a doctor as soon as you can following a car accident.

Marc Albert

Marc Albert

Over the course of his 25-year career, Marc has not only put together an impressive list of seven-figure recoveries for his clients but also has been recognized on countless occasions for his work on groundbreaking cases involving important issues of personal injury and medical malpractice law.

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