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If the insurance company wants me to see their doctor, do I have to see them?

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Medical issues, injuries, and personal injury cases are complex, and many people have no idea just what they are required to do and what they are not. Do you know what rights you have in a personal injury case? Do you know who is working for you, who is working for themselves, and who has your best interest at heart? You probably don’t, and that’s precisely what insurance companies bank on when it comes to car accidents. The insurance company of the at-fault driver wants to do whatever they can to prevent a payout, to avoid paying you, and to minimize what they owe. They want to get away as cheap as possible, and they count on you not knowing your rights so they can do that.

That’s why it’s imperative to contact a personal injury attorney when you are involved in an accident and someone else is to blame. If you are injured, the other insurance company might employ a few tricks that aren’t beneficial to you. It’s our job to tell you what those are, and it’s our job to help you understand your rights when it comes to signing medical release forms, seeing a doctor recommended by the insurance company, and understanding what’s right and wrong.

Should I See the Doctor the Insurance Company Wants me to See?

Yes. While the insurance company of the at-fault driver wants to get away with paying you as little as possible, they’re only doing this to protect their own rights. You would do the same in their shoes, and that’s why you might be required by law to see the doctor that works for them. This is not to harm you so much as it is to protect their own interests. Each time someone falsifies medical information to get a settlement from an insurance company, rates go up a little bit. It affects everyone, which is why they want to protect their other customers.

This appointment is for verification purposes. This is not with a doctor employed by the insurance company, but rather one of their choosing. This is a medical doctor with a degree, and it is someone who can back up your medical claims or debunk them as outlandish if that’s what they are. You have rights when it comes to seeing this doctor.

– You are permitted to provide your own medical records to the doctor and the insurance company
– You are entitled to the full results of the doctor’s examination
– You are free to schedule this exam when it works with your schedule
– The exam must be close to your home, or they insurance company must transport you to and from the doctor if that is a requirement

You are also permitted to bring a witness with you, such as your own attorney or a friend or relative. You have every right associated with a patient/doctor examination, and your privacy is always important.

The exam is going to work much like a physical examination, and the doctor is going to go over all your claims with you. He or she will check on each injury, make notes, and discuss your case with you. Your job is to do nothing but answer questions honestly, and do not make up anything while in the room. It’s easy to want to elaborate on your injuries while you’re in the room with the doctor, but doctors are trained to know what is real and what is not.

Your Rights

Your rights are always protected when it comes to your medical records. One thing we advise you not to do is sign a medical release form for the other insurance company. This is a form that usually hurts you more than it helps you. If they are able to access your medical records, they can look back to childhood to determine whether any accidents, injuries, or hospitalizations you had back then correlate with the injuries you sustained during an accident.

If the insurance company’s doctor decides your injuries are related to old injuries, they might argue that your injuries from the accident were pre-existing medical issues that they are not required to compensate you for.

Your rights are protected, but only if you know what they are. You can sign a medical release only to find out later that it’s not a requirement, but it’s too late. You must call a personal injury attorney right away to figure out what is correct and what is not, what’s required, and how you can protect yourself if the other insurance company is working against you.

Their job is to provide fair and accurate service to you, but they only do that if you are aware of your rights. Call us now to schedule an initial consultation that’s free of charge, but invaluable to you and your case. We can help you determine what might happen, how to proceed, and what’s right.

Your personal injury case is directly affected by how much you know regarding the laws surrounding your injuries. With a personal injury attorney on your side, your chance of receiving a fair and accurate settlement or winning a lawsuit increase. Don’t let your future financial situation suffer as a result of your current situation. Call a personal injury attorney now.

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