keep a journalAfter you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, your priority is to ensure you see medical evaluation and treatment. Even if you think you are not hurt or if you’re not experiencing pain immediately after an accident, you must undergo a medical evaluation. After an accident, we are usually frightened and in shock, as we try to understand and process what had occurred. In many instances, It could take hours or even days before you start to feel the pain of your injuries.

Serious injuries might not be immediately apparent. Take concussions as an example. If you suffer a severe concussion, the symptoms will be immediate. You will suffer from dizziness, blurred vision, memory loss, or you may lose consciousness. If you have a mild concussion, however, the symptoms might not be evident for several days.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

While your first thought after an accident should not be that you have to call your lawyer, you should prepare for the possibility of needing to make a call for a consultation. If you are seriously injured, it is highly recommended to be examined by a physician immediately. If you can remain at the scene of the accident, you should take as many photographs as you can and even get the names and phone numbers of the witnesses. You must make sure that you obtain a copy of the paperwork from the police officer. You should also follow up with the police department and obtain a copy of the police report when it is available.

Keep a Journal of Everything You Do and Everyone You Speak With Regarding the Accident

You must begin to keep track of any action taken in connection with the accident. Keep a journal and document who you speak with, take down their name and contact information, and summarize the conversations that took place. Write down every doctor’s appointment, prescription, and instruction you receive from a medical professional. Keep a tab on any costs you incur. These costs can include medical expenses, costs to have your vehicle repaired or replaced, cost of medications, or medical equipment you need, such as crutches or wheelchair.

You should also keep track of any phone calls you make or receive. This includes calls to and from your insurance company. You also should document any calls or keep any paperwork you receive from insurance companies of other parties involved in the accident.

Do Not Speak with Another Driver’s Insurance Company, Even if it the Same Insurance Company You Have

It is important to note that you are not required to speak with or communicate with the insurance company of any other person involved in an accident. This might be confusing when more than one party involved in the accident have the same insurance company. When an accident involves people with the same insurance company, the company must treat each side of the claim separately and with the utmost confidentiality. They will assign a different adjuster for each vehicle. When you speak with the insurance company, especially if they call you or send you forms through the mail, make sure you are dealing with someone who is working on your behalf and not on behalf of the other driver.

Journal Everything Including Your Personal Thoughts and Recollections of the Accident, Including Questions You  Need to be Answered

When you keep a personal journal, you are usually documenting your thoughts. While you are keeping a journal to record everything after a motor vehicle accident, you should also write down your thoughts, ideas, observations, and any questions you have. It is crucial to document these thoughts and ideas since memory is unreliable especially overtime. Memory can be particularly weakened during a stressful experience such as involvement in a motor vehicle accident. The time after an accident is also stressful since so much is going on while you are also trying to take care of your medical concerns.

By writing down your questions, you guarantee that you will remember what needs to be asked of anyone such as your doctor, lawyer, or insurance company. By writing down your observations regarding the accident and the scene, you ensure that you can provide more accurate information than if you relied solely on memory. When you record your thoughts and ideas, you might spark a memory of the event or the aftermath that might have otherwise been forgotten.

Marc Albert Has Law Offices in Astoria, Queens and Syosset, Long Island

After an accident and after you take care of your immediate medical issues, it is important to contact an experienced attorney. The Law Offices of Marc S. Albert are highly experienced in motor vehicle accident cases and are ready to discuss your options with you after a motor vehicle accident.

For there to be a case, there must be an injury which was the result of another person’s negligence. Be prepared to discuss your case when you call our office for your initial consultation  There is no better way to be able to do this effectively than by keeping a journal from the very beginning.

Another person’s negligence might not always be apparent.  When you have more information about the accident, the chances of finding and proving negligence is much improved. Law Offices of Marc S. Albert will handle your case from investigating and determining the negligent parties to taking the case all the way to trial in to ensure the highest compensation for your injuries.

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