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Bicycle Accidents are on the Rise in Brooklyn and Queens

bicycle accident attorney Marc AlbertWhen you are injured in a bicycle accident, your focus is to take care of your injuries and your health.  Bicycle accidents tend to lead to more serious injuries since riders have little protection against cars or other vehicles.  Having the best legal representation is essential.  An aspect of representation that is often overlooked in the legal counsel that is provided to you as a client.

Marc Albert has over 25 years of experience in personal injury law.  Having led the personal injury and medical malpractice division of a major New York City law firm, Marc is not only a skilled negotiator and litigator but a knowledgeable and skilled legal counselor.

Bicycle Riding is one of the most popular pastimes on Long Island. Aside from being a healthy hobby, bicycles are a primary source of transportation for many people. Some people, such as messengers, depend on their bicycles to earn a living.

Every government level, from New York State to Nassau County and every incorporated Village in Nassau County, has laws about bikes and bicycle riders.

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are common on Long Island and across New York. Bicycle fatalities increased across New York in 2019.

Since the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic came to New York, the number of bicycle riders has increased. With the higher number of riders, injuries and fatalities have also increased.

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    Bicycle Accidents at Stop Signs and Traffic Lights

    Most bicycle accidents occur at intersections with stop signs or traffic lights. Not all intersections with stop signs require vehicles to stop in every direction. If a bicyclist has a stop sign, but the driver from another direction does not, if the bicycle rider proceeds through the intersection, the driver might not have enough time to react.

    A significant factor in vehicle and bike accidents is related to “right of way.” As the law considers bicycles as vehicles, bicycle riders and drivers must respect each other on the road and understand the laws regarding the right of way.

    Being “doored” by a parked car

    Another common injury suffered by bicycle riders is when a person in a parked car, either the driver or passenger opens a door without noticing a bicycle rider. The bicyclist might not have time to react to the open door and hits the open door and the person getting out of the car. It is the responsibility of the vehicle occupants to ensure it is safe to open a door.

    Bicycle Riders are Required to Follow All Traffic Laws

    Bike accidents can be devastating for the rider. As such, the bicyclist’s responsibility is to follow the local traffic laws and operate the bicycle safely. Safely operating a bike means to be wearing a helmet and following all the local traffic laws.

    Bicyclists must know that they should always ride in the same direction of traffic. When you ride against traffic, it is difficult for drivers to see you. Drivers often do not have time to react to an unsafe situation when a bike is going against traffic. The consequences of driving against traffic can be dire.

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