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Autumn Sidewalk in New YorkThe 2019 Baseball season is in the books with the title going to the Washington Nationals.  The Nationals won their first championship of the history of the franchise.  It took all seven games beat the Houston Astros.  There was also an interesting footnote to the 2019 World Series.  It was the first time in history that the road team won every game of the Fall Classic.  Now, who could have predicted that?

Baseball is a game of statistics.  Everything is measured and tracked.  Based on the abundance of information available, it should be easy to predict in April who is going to walk away with the World Series rings in October.  Then you wind up with the visiting team winning every game in the series, and it throws everyone for a loop.

Weather prediction is another area that is surrounded by science and statistics.  Every news channel and newspaper has a team of meteorologists checking and rechecking global conditions, and yet, there are ten different weather models to choose from, and as such, predictions often differ.

Weather in Unpredictable.  Homeowners Need to be Prepared

Despite the lack of accuracy, we love talking about weather predictions.  Last year’s winter was mild, so this year’s is going to be brutal, some will say.  The Farmer’s Almanac says that this is going to be a very wet season.  We even have an entire day, February 2nd, dedicated to predicting the weather based on a rodent and his shadow.

Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox took the batting title this year.  He batted .335.  This means he failed 66.5% of the time, and that was the best in baseball this year.  Meteorologists could only be so lucky to have a comparable batting average.

So to bring this all back around, last year we had a very mild winter, and while some will say that we are due for a tough winter and others will argue the opposite, the truth is that we always have to be ready for the worst that winter can bring.  That means snow and ice in front of our homes and businesses.  We recently spoke about how homeowners, business owners, and even residents and tenants that have sidewalks in front of their homes and places of businesses are responsible for keeping those sidewalks safe.

Homeowner and Business-Owners are Responsible for Keeping Sidewalks Safe

Keeping sidewalks safe is a responsibility that we all share, so you have to be ready.  Unsafe sidewalks are a hazard to everyone who passes your way.  Slip and fall injuries are a serious concern for everyone who is attempting to get around after a storm.  While the best advice is to stay home when the weather conditions are poor, this is not always practical or possible.  As such, thousands of New Yorkers each year fall victim to slip and fall accidents in which they are injured.

Trying to predict what the future holds when it comes to the weather is not nearly as important as making sure you are prepared for any eventuality.  Do not wait for the first snowfall to buy the tools and supplies you need to keep your sidewalks safe.  Be prepared.  Now is the time to get ready.  The Farmer’s Almanac says that November and this winter is going to be a wet one.  Will it happen?  We don’t know.

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